Make Money From Home. How?

If we want to make money from home, then there are more possibilities today that ever before!

I'm a mortgage broker in Canada and I created this website as I learn about online marketing. I continue to learn about online marketing even today. At the time I started, I wanted to learn how I could generate more leads for my mortgage business, to reach more clients through online marketing.

I am not a "Make Money Online" Guru. Far from it. I do make money from home, but I also make money outside my home when I visit my clients... I do have other ventures in addition to my main business as a mortgage broker.

When I started to explore the online world for strategies to increase my business, there was a huge learning curve! There were plenty of companies offering all sorts of get rich quick promises.

I tried some of these to see how I could apply the strategies to my business, but many of these just didn't work. I continue to learn and my goal for this website is to share the lessons I have learned to help others to avoid the mistakes I have made, save time and grow their own online business faster.

There was, and I believe there still is tremendous opportunity! The opportunity has changed slightly. There are more websites. Search engines are smarter and social media and video hosting sites are becoming more prominent online!

Here, I explore the various possibilities to make money at home and the strategies that we can use to start right now! I have found 20 make money online blog tipics, niche markets, that appear to have good opportunity. I just don't have the time or the passion for the subject to chase these opportunities.

I have also found 20 more opportunites, if one of these topics interests you.

You might have a job now but want to earn a little extra cash. You might want to build your own business that generates cash flow now and long into the future. The information found on this website should help you to get moving toward your goal sooner!

When I started my journey, I didn't know what Affiliate Marketing was, I had to learn about all this stuff. Check out Make Money with Affiliate Programs and download the "Affiliate Masters Course". This is an excellent source of free information .

I have found that if I do what I love, then I make more money and have more fun than when I do something that I really don't like or am not interested in! I love real estate, I love finance and I love to help other people.

I think that`s why I am a mortgage broker. I am involved in the real estated business, I`m involved in finance and I get to help other people. Three out of three!

Start by finding YOUR passion!



Opportunity surrounds us! Whether we start now, or if we started 5 years ago there is always opportunity. The opportunities just change over time.

Today, the opportunites to make money from home are greater than ever before. The key to success is to start. I have met and helped many people to grow a successful business. The difference between the successful entrepreneurs who make money at home is that they start. Too many people just read about others taking action and do nothing themselves.

Many people will tell you: "the way to start to make money at home is to build a website". Well, that's partly right. You could make money at home without one, but having one is better. I would say: "the way to start to make money at home is to build a business through your website"!

There is only one source that I would recommend to build a successful online business! It's not Godaddy, I have plenty of godaddy websites, none of them are making me any money! It's not Wordpress (this is actually a web platform that we would load onto our website). It's noe any other Blogging platforms available free or otherwise!

Check out how to build a website Business.

Also, visit our section titled Make Money Blogging and review the "Wordpress or Site Build It" discussion.

If you would like to blog but don't have an idea about which topic might be profitable, check out 20 Make Money Online Blog Ideas. Here we have researched 20 topics that have good demand with little competition!

Building a long term, sustainable business requires commitment, time, effort and most of all your passion for your business. If you don't have any interest in the subject, all your customers will know and eventually there will be no customers!

This site is not a "Get Rich Quick Website". If you want to be happy when you make money from home, then you have to build something that is sustainable.

If you have a full time job, then do something you love at home, when you're away from work. It won't feel like work and the time will go by fast. You will build a business that will continue to pay for many years. If you need to make money fast, before you start build a long term sustainable business, then check here for 15 Quick Ways to Make Money.

To make money from home we must build a business the way we grow our vegetable garden. We start by preparing the soil and then planting some seeds, then watering and fertilizing them. We can't see the results right a way. In fact, for the longest time there is nothing. Then suddenly we see a small leaf peaking out from the ground. By the end of the season, we have all sorts of vegetables that we will enjoy for months after.

3 key elements are required to build a strong business foundation:

  • Choose a topic that you really love
  • Ensure that this Topic is of value to others
  • Research and generate good, relevant, informative content

Like growing a garden, you will make more and more money with your online business when you increase website traffic (fertilizing) and add value by providing excellent interesting information for your visitors, or traffic (watering) with valuable site-content. You will have more and more clients and then more and more sales...

Make it fun. Build a home based business that makes you money and have fun doing it!

I have found and used many resources online to make money from home and these can help you too!

Let's get started...

Please leave your comments below!

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Would you like to share your knowledge about make money from home? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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