Affiliate Marketing Guide

We have put together this affiliate marketing guide. I have often found that if you are new to affiliate marketing then the terms and concepts of affiliate marketing can get a bit confusing?

Many people become overwhelmed when they first decide to promote affiliate products, because building a successful business using this model can be rather daunting. Fortunately, this affiliate marketing guide will help you sort out the details, so you can get on your way toward starting and growing a profitable affiliate business.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?
For a more detailed explanation visit our web page What is Affiliate Marketing?

For our purposes here, Affiliate marketing can be described as a means for companies to gain online exposure without paying for advertising. These companies allow website and blog owners to promote their products and services for them through the use of text links and banners. These links and banners give the affiliate companies a wide range exposure quickly because many websites and blogs are referring their products & services. This can be exceptionally more efficient than traditional methods of online advertising.

Choose affiliate companies wisely.
As an Affiliate marketer, you are promoting & recommending the services of the Affiliate Company, or companies you sign up with. Choose these companies wisely, because your association with a good company can benefit you and your visitors but the opposite can also be true.

If you have a website, you have worked hard to build the physical site as well as build the daily traffic to your site. You have taken time to write content that is relevant to your audience and built up a trust with them. Don't promote companies that do not hold the same high standards that you hold! In other words, don't promote a company's program, product or service that you wouldn't purchase yourself.

Affiliate marketing benefits the website and blog owners by generating commission. You place the affiliate links and banners on your site, or within your blog, and each time a visitor clicks the link and purchases a product you receive commission from the affiliate company. This is a good way to make money online without the expense of developing and creating products of your own.

Affiliate Marketing Guide

The affiliate marketing guide's six keys to success:

How do I sign up with Affiliate Companies?
Visit our description on how to become an affiliate to learn more about this.

Once you sign up with an affiliate marketing company as an affiliate you will be provided with a unique URL and a number of different banner ads. You use the URL to link your content back to the affiliate company, by writing content that talks about and promotes the affiliate company. You can also place the affiliate banner ads on your website to link back to the affiliate company.

How do you get paid for affiliate sales?
When you sign up for an affiliate program, the company will assign you a unique affiliate ID. This ID will appear in your links and banners. When a visitor arrives at the company's site from your link, the visit is tagged with your affiliate ID. This allows the company to credit you for any sales resulting from that visit.

A small file, called a cookie, is typically placed on a visitor's computer when an affiliate link is clicked. This cookie contains information about your affiliate ID, so if the visitor does not make a purchase during the first visit to the company's site, but returns to buy a product later, you will still receive a commission for the sale.

Choosing the right Products
One of the most important aspects of this affiliate marketing guide is choosing your products and your niche. Before you begin your affiliate marketing venture, you will need to decide what types of products you want to promote. There are affiliate programs available for nearly every type of product and service, from cooking utensils to sporting goods to nearly anything you can think of.

The first step to choosing products is to actually using them. If you want to recommend a product to your visitors, you want to make sure that the product you are recommending is a quality product that you would happily use yourself. The products that you choose should also fit within your specific niche.

Identify Your Niche
You first have to identify the product category that you wish to target. This product category should be related to the content of your website, or at the very least, be related to a topic that interests you enough to write relevant content within your website or blog about this product category! Check out Niche Affiliate Marketing for more info about this...

Build a Website
One pitfall I have often seen people fall into is choosing products & affiliate companies too soon. If you want to build a successful website that generates good, consistent revenue then write good content first! If you choose a product to sell because it has excellent commission, but you don't have a passion for it, then you probably won't produce good content. If you don't produce good content, then you won't have many repeat visitors and therefore you won't refer too many people to the product - the result, no revenue for you or the affiliate company!

I would highly recommend you build your website with a provider that helps you to get results when you start and build a small business online.

Understand Your Talents & Strengths
Successful people identify their talents and strengths. Successful people do things that they love, research things that they love, write about thing that they love! Create a website about a topic that you love, use our affiliate marketing guide and you will be successful. After you have developed your website, written content that provides value to your visitors, only then should you start to refer affiliate companies!

When you are ready, search for quality affiliate companies with valuable products and services that you can refer to your valued readers/customers.

Once you have written good content and have some visitors checking our your site, then you can tweak the articles that are on your website to also promote the products you want to sell.

Does the content add Value?
As you review this affiliate marketing guide you will realize that many of these topics relate to one another. Providing valuable content is having information that your visitors want to read. By providing, or writing good informative content, you will attract visitors who are interested in your topic and therefore interested in browsing your website. You will want to be associated with affiliate companies who sell products that also provide value to your site visitors.

Your visitors will be happy to read about and purchase valuable products. You will earn commission, and your affiliate companies will make sales. Everyone will be happy!

Building a profitable affiliate business isn't easy. With the help of this affiliate marketing guide, and this website, you can save yourself many hours of frustration, and begin making money much more quickly.

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