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American Idol has been my favorite TV show ever since it appeared. I have never missed an episode. I follow the careers of all the participants that have competed on American Idol! I download the singles & know all there is to know about American Idol.

If this describes you, then you might want to consider creating an American Idol Blog or an American Idol Website!

The most successful businesses start when someone turns their passion into a business. From my research, American Idol has very good potential as an online business. There are approximately 7650 searches for "American Idol Blog" every month and there are only 315 websites on this topic. This tells me there is opportunity!

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As an enthusiastic fan of the show you could create an American Idol Blog or website and write a variety of different things concerning the show.

OK, perhaps you've never done this before. There are a couple of things you need to know:

  • Create a Plan for Your new Venture!
  • Understand Keywords
  • To Build a Blog or To Build a Website
  • How to Write for the Internet
  • How to Increase Traffic, Get visitors to Your Site
  • Possible Ideas for an American Idol Blog
  • How to Make Money? Monetize

Create a Plan for Your New Venture!

Success in any venture, especially a business venture, requires a plan. For an online business, you don't need to write a 50 page business plan. You do, however, have to research and organize things. Some of the research involves keywords, we'll talk about these in a minute.

If you plan to build an American Idol Blog or website, you need to plan your pages based on keywords. You'll need to decide if you want to create an evergreen website or a blog or both. Here is an excellent article that discussed the differences: Blog or Website

It's also important to brainstorm various ways to generate income from our website. We'll talk about that below. You can check other American Idol Blog websites to see what they are talking about. This research will also give ideas for topics to discuss on own website.

Understand Keywords

Keywords, which include phrases, is really the most important part of building an American Idol blog or website. It's really important to build an online presence that caters to the search engines as well as to the visitors.

The search engines are important, because if we don't choose the correct keywords, we won't get listed on the first page for our keyword. The search engine spiders investigate our site by checking the meta tags, the titles, the links and content.

Every web page should be based on 1 keyword. We need to choose keywords that have good demand and low existing supply. The less competition we have with high value demand keywords the better our site will rank for these keywords. The higher we rank, the more visitors we receive to our website.

By doing some research with potential keywords, we can build up a plan for the website. We need to build the website in a 3 tier structure, like a pyramid. Our main topic, American Idol Blog, is at the top of the pyramid. We then set up primary categories, like songs, or contestants, or seasons. Then under each category we would have a third tier related to these main categories.

Setting up this type of structure benefits both our people visitors and the search engine spiders.

There is a site builder that offers tools as part of the package to help you create this structure. Check out these site builder tools.

To Build a Blog or To Build a Website

A blog really is a website, but the concept is a little different. With a blog, the posts are submitted on a timeline. It is also possible to create pages. Often, people will not read old posts because they don't think the information is relevant.

If we build a website with a blog, then we can create evergreen content. This content will be relevant today and into the future to benefit visitors who come now or later.

There is always a debate about which is better, this site sums up the differences really well. Visit To Blog or to Build for more information about which is better. Or both?

How to Write for the Internet

OK, writing content for a website isn't like writing a school term paper. We have to keep the sentences short. Easy to understand.

I remember the days of staring at a blank sheet of paper trying to find something to say. This shouldn't be painful. If you really enjoy American Idol, then writing your American Idol blog will be easy. You will have plenty of ideas.

Because you have already created a plan, this also makes it easier to have ideas for content. Write with passion and emotion. The more you get into your subject the more visitors will love it!

There is an excellent resource called the Internet Writing - Masters Course, it's free and has great tips to help you to write for a website. You can download it free no name, no email required.

How to Increase Traffic, Get Visitors to Your Site
There are a number of strategies to increase traffic to your blog or website. Here are 8 key strategies that I wrote about on another page:

  1. Write Quality Content
  2. Engage with our Visitors & Readers
  3. Participate in other Blogs & Websites in Our Niche
  4. Optimize Our Website or Blog
  5. YouTube Video Strategy
  6. Write Articles and post them on Article Hosting Websites
  7. Invite Guest Bloggers or Writers to submit content to Our Website
  8. Utilize Social Media

I go into more specific details about these 8 strategies, visit Increase Blog Traffic, for more info.

These strategies basically boil down to 3 things:

  1. Write great content based on good quality keywords
  2. Build a Community
  3. Create good quality backlinks from keyword related websites

Do these 3 things and your traffic will increase. This site builder has created a fantastic community, check out this active facebook community.

Possible Ideas for an American Idol Blog

As I described before, content is one of the keys to a successful blog or website. For an American Idol Blog, some possible topics could include:

  • Information about contestants
  • Your opionion for each of the performances
  • Your opionion about the judges comments
  • Discussion about events and highlights are they progress
  • Discussion & summary of each episode
  • Background on the judges, or contestants, etc.
  • You could even follow the careers of the contestants after their season is over

The topics are endless. It's possible to build a huge American Idol Blog or website with this topic.

Make Your Content PRE-Sell

Hundreds of books are written about writing to sell but none explain how to PRE-Sell, until now!

Download this eBook MYCPS - Make Your Content PRE-Sell, it's free and you don't have to a include name or email to receive it. You will:

  • Learn how to write Qualify Content
  • Learn how Quality Content builds Good Traffic
  • Good Traffic leads to PRE-Selling your visitors
  • PRE-Sold Visitors are happy to Click on your Ads & Buy Your Products
  • and much more...

Download MYCPS today!

The next important aspect of planning an American Idol Blog or website is to see if it can be profitable.

How to Make Money? Monetize
Well, we might love American Idol; love to write about it, but why shouldn't we make a little money with our passion?

We must first think about our visitors. What are our visitors looking for when they visit our blog or website? They may be looking to:

  • Read opinion about the episode they just saw
  • Give their own opinion about the episode, show, judges, contestants, or something else
  • hear some of the songs again.
  • purchase a song they heard or a song from a previous season
  • learn to sing themselves
  • or for something else?

When we write passionate, inspiring content, we should always have our visitors in the back of our mind. Make Your Content Pre-Sell is an excellent resource to help you write while keeping your readers in mind!

There are a number of monetization models that we could employ on our website:

  • PPC (pay per click) Advertising
  • Sell Products through Affiliate Programs
  • Create Our Own Products for Sale

Utilizing all of these is the best way to ensure the best return on time invested.

PPC (pay per click) Advertising

PPC advertising is probably the easiest thing to include in your American Idol Blog or website. Google Adsense is one provider, Bing and all the other search engines also have ppc advertising options.

If you choose one, then you can't have another as well. Once you apply and get approved by Google or one of the others, then you include some code on your website and the ads are updated automatically.

You will be paid as you reach certain amounts of commission. I have seen some sites generating over $2000 per month in ppc revenue alone.

Sell Products through Affiliate Programs

There are a number of companies that have affiliate programs:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • iTunes Affiliate Program, through Linkshare
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • and others...

Affiliate Master Marketing Course

Become a Master Affiliate, a high-earning affiliate champion? Take the Affiliate Masters course, it's free and you don't have to include name or email to receive it. You will:

  • Recognize the fundamental reality of how people use the Web
  • Do the critical up-front thinking and planning required to be successful
  • Then, put yourself into the click path of your visitors
  • Eliminate dependency on any single source of income
  • and much more...

Download the FREE Affiliate Master Marketing Course today!

Each of these offers different products and it's important to review to make sure that there are products that would fit with your specific visitors. For an American Idol Blog, the iTunes affiliate program could certainly offer your visitor with products that they would be looking for.

The other programs will probably have products, but make sure you do some research. The Affiliate Master Marketing Course offers excellent, insightful information about becoming a successful affiliate.

Create Our Own Products for Sale

As you become comfortable with writing, they you may consider writing an ebook that you could sell on your website. You can also offer your ebook for sale through some of the affiliate companies. You offer others a commission for selling your book. This is a great way to increase your revenues & sales reach.

As I said at the top of this page, I believe that an American Idol Blog or website has and excellent opportunity as a home based online business. If you have the passion for American Idol, there is lots of opportunity for subject matter. There are plenty of ways to monetize this topic.

If you see the opportunity as well and start your own blog, let us know how it goes!

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