How to Become an Affiliate

Learning how to become an affiliate is quite easy. There are a three online affiliate marketplaces that bring product providers (vendors) and affiliate marketers together.

All three of these Online Marketplaces offer benefits to both the Affiliate Marketer & the Affiliate Company Selling Products:

  • Commission Junction
  • Clickbank
  • Share A Sale
  • I would highly recommend signing up for all three, if you wish to offer products for sale through Affiliate Marketing. I wouldn't sign up right away! All of these companies track your sales. If you do not generate any commission over a period of time, they will suspend your account. It's best to sign up once you have created some traffic to your website.

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    There are 2 key steps to take before you sign up for and start your Affiliate Marketing career.

    1. Identify your Product (or Niche): Your first, and very important, steps to becoming an affiliate is to determine the types of products you want to promote. If you plan to set up a blog or website for the primary purpose of promoting affiliate products, this step will help you determine what your site should be about.

    In general, the content of your site and the products that you promote on your site should be related. For example, if you love camping, hunting and outdoor sports and you have a website &/or a blog that talks about these and related topics, then you will want to sell camping, hunting and outdoor sports related products!

    The easiest way to find affiliate products related to your site is through a simple Google search. Type in a word or phrase that describes your product category, and then the phrase “affiliate" or "affiliate program". For example, if you search for “camping gear affiliate” or "camping gear affiliate program", you will find a list of sites that sell outdoor and camping gear through affiliate programs.

    2. Build your Website or Blog. After you have identified your niche, then you need to build your website, or blog. There are a number of ways to start your website or blog, see the related topic on our website for information about this.

    Often, before an company will agree to have you promote their products as an affiliate, the company will want to see the sites you have created. The company will want to see that your website is a good fit for their program, and that you will be promoting their products ethically.

    Affiliate Marketing Guide

    The affiliate marketing guide's six keys to success:

    An affiliate program will not accept you, if you do not have a website or blog, or if your site is “under construction”. Therefore, it is a very good idea to write at least a few pages of content related to your affiliate product categories, and make sure visitors can access your site before you apply to become an affiliate. In fact, I believe that you should have a minimum of 10 pages.

    In my experience, if you want to build a sustainable business, then don't start promoting any affiliate programs until you have at least 30 pages of good content.

    After you launch your site, you can begin applying to affiliate programs. Some companies operate their own affiliate programs, which you can usually find on their product websites. Other companies prefer to outsource their programs, using sites like Commission Junction, Clickbank, or Share A Sale to handle affiliate management and payment.

    Signup as an Affiliate: When you apply to become an affiliate, you will provide your basic information, such as your name, address, tax ID number, and website address. You will also need to decide how you want to be paid. Some companies only pay commissions by check, while others will give you the option to be paid via direct deposit, PayPal, or other means.

    All three of these Online Marketplaces offer benefits to both the Affiliate Marketer & the Affiliate Company Selling Products! I would highly recommend signing up for all three, but not right away.

    The final step you will take to become an affiliate is to place the company's links and banners on your site. After your application is approved, the affiliate company will give you links and banners encoded with your unique affiliate ID, so your sales can be tracked. You will simply copy the link code to your clipboard, and paste it into the code of your blog or website. After that, you just need to keep driving traffic to your site, and wait for the commissions to start rolling in.

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