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As you check your blog traffic, you may be feeling like you're talking to yourself as you write post after post with very few visitors coming by to read your blog. Getting traffic to visit your site is a challenge for most new bloggers, and without a steady flow traffic, blogging quickly becomes a very frustrating endeavor.

It is important to understand that it is next to impossible to build up blog traffic overnight. Getting a good volume of traffic takes quite a bit of time - you may need to blog consistently for three months or more before you start seeing substantive results.

Of course, you may have seen “systems” that claim to instantly bring you thousands of visitors overnight. Most of these methods use redirects, pop-unders, expired domains, and other shady methods to bring you traffic. The problem with this, though, is that the blog traffic they provide is worthless. A visitor who was duped into looking at your site through artificial means won't be the kind of person who is interested in what you have to say. Almost invariably, this type of visitor to your blog will immediately click off your site without reading a single word. And you can be certain that they will not come back.

Instead of simply focusing on the number of people who visit your blog, concentrate on getting targeted blog traffic. This means that you want to attract the people who are interested in your blog's topic. These are the people who will keep coming back to read your new posts, and ultimately help you build a successful blogging venture.

There are several ways to increase the amount of traffic that is targeted toward the topic of your blog:

Search engine optimization or SEO. First, start by using search engine optimization techniques to gain visibility in search engine listings. Use a tool such as Google Analytics or Wordtracker to find the keywords that people are searching for, and use them in your blog's content. This includes not only your posts, but your image tags, title tags, and post descriptions as well.

Comment on other Blogs that have a similar niche. Another good way to increase blog traffic is to leave comments on other blogs. Although this method can be time consuming, it can effectively build relationships, and help you derive traffic from a variety of sources. When you use this strategy, make sure your comments are relevant, and that they add to the topic. Well written comments attract attention not only from the blog owner, but also from the blog's other readers.

A third strategy is to participate in discussion forums related to your blog's topic. You should not overtly promote your blog in your discussion board posts, but you will be able to include a link to your blog in your signature. Like blog commenting, the key to success with this strategy is to write discussion board posts that are meaningful and insightful. If you post irrelevant or meaningless content, discussion forum users and moderators will think that you are simply trying to promote your blog instead of actively participate in the discussions. At best, doing this will simply get you ignored; at worst, it will get you banned from the discussion board.

Write articles related to your niche. You probably enjoy writing if you have a blog. Why not write an article that is related to the niche topic of your blog. You can post the article at various article sites, like Write a unique article that includes keywords from your niche. You can sign up as a member of this site for free, and submit as many articles as you want. Write articles that ad value, and make sure that you provide the link back to your blog in the resource box, which is included with every article. Many businesses will search for articles that are relevant and valuable to their clients.

When these businesses copy your article, because it is interesting and informative for their clients, they are required to include the resource box, which points back to you. This will help bring traffic to your site. This traffic will come because they liked your article and want to learn more about you and your blog.

Building targeted blog traffic takes time, patience, and effort. When you see your blog readership steadily growing as a result of your efforts, you will be glad you invested your energy into these blog traffic building strategies.

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