Contextual Marketing

Utilizing contextual marketing is really important if you are building a blog, or planning to build one. You may have decided that you want to make some money from your efforts. For some bloggers, making money is the primary objective; for others blogging comes first, and they would be happy if they could simply earn enough money from it to compensate them for their time, effort, and expenses. Either way, there are a number of ways you can make money from a blog, and marketing within the context of your blog lies at the core of nearly all successful money making efforts.

Contextual marketing means that your money making efforts are related to the content of your blog. For example, if you are building a blog about your kayaking expeditions, the ads and products that appear on your blog should be relevant for people who are interested in kayaking. Promoting affiliate programs that sell kayaks, water safety equipment, and wetsuits would be appropriate for a blog about kayaking; affiliate programs that sell espresso makers, on the other hand, would not.

One of the simplest ways to implement this type of marketing on your blog is to use a pay per click affiliate program such as Google Adsense. This tool allows you to place relevant ads on your blog without having to go out and find individual affiliate programs. You simply a few lines of code to your blog, and Google Adsense will automatically scan your blog content for contextual clues. The ad will use this information to select relevant ads that will appeal to your readers. Keep in mind, though, that you will need a high volume of blog traffic to earn a full time income from Google Adsense or a similar tool; although you are paid every time a visitor clicks on a link, the payout per click is quite small.

Another effective way to implement this marketing strategy is to select your own affiliate products. Look for affiliate programs that sell products or services related to your niche topic, and place text links and banners on your blog to offer these products to your visitors. Again, it is important that you evaluate each product in terms of what the average visitor to your blog would find appealing. If you visited a blog about vegetarian cooking, and saw an ad for a company that sells steaks, would you likely click on the ad?

When you promote affiliate products on your blog, don't just limit yourself to banners and sidebar ads. You can use contextual marketing to build an effective affiliate marketing business by writing reviews about the products. Include the affiliate links within your reviews, just as if you were linking to any other site. As long as your reviews are fair and honest, links within your content will be clicked more often than banner links, and will typically result in a greater conversion percentage.

Contextual marketing can take a bit more time and effort than simply choosing products at random, but the time you spend on this strategy will be well worth it in terms of increased sales and better profits.

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