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If you have a blog or plan to start a blog, then why not earn money blogging? Sometimes we invest time and energy into something for free. Blogging is something we can invest our time, our passion our emotion into and earn money at the same time.

Do you have a plan? If you haven't started a blog and want to, then read my article How To Build A Blog, the Smart Way. If you already have a blog, then read it and give me your feedback!

Although blogging can seem complex to some people, it is actually a very simple means of communicating with Internet users. Millions of people read blogs everyday to find information that will educate, entertain, and enlighten them.

At its basic level, blogging is just a website comprised of short articles, called posts, that will appear in a timeline. A Blog can also have pages, that are not included in the timeline.

The posts are typically time sensitive news, or information about your subject. The pages are typically content that's evergreen, keyword based information that isn't time sensitive like a post is.

If you have read some of my other pages on this website, you will know that it's my opinion that a theme based website combined with a blog is a better structure for most people, compared to a blog itself. Read the article, blog it or build it, to get more information about this.

To earn money blogging, it's key to have a website with many evergreen, keyword, content based pages and include some posts when there are events, or news that happens within your niche.

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Ok, so assuming that you have chosen a niche that you want to write about & learn more about, then let's talk about how to earn money blogging. Assuming that you write quality content that your readers receive value from, then let's talk about monetization. Don't have a blog or niche yet? Here is a list of 20 possible niches that I have found that appear to have good monthly demand and low supply, visit 20 Make Money Online Blog Ideas and check them out. I also found 20 more blog ideas...

There are plenty of ways to earn money blogging, but there are 5 main categories:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Advertising
  • Sell Your Own Products
  • Have a Donation Page
Within these general categories there are many options and choices, but let's review the various categories...

Pay Per Click Advertising
One of the easiest methods to start a earn money blogging is to have ads on your website. Pay per click ads are relatively easy to set up. Google ads is one of the most popular forms of pay per click advertising, AdChoices is another option. Advertise.com is another choice.

Unless you don't want your competitors advertising on your website, then a pay per click advertising campaign is a reasonable addition to any website. The downside to ppc is that when the visitor clicks the ad, they leave your website. You are not allowed to open another window when they click.

Each click will typically earn anywhere between $1 to $5. If you have other products available on that page which generate more revenue than this, then it's probably not a good idea to have ppc compete with your other products.

Affiliate Marketing
Every niche will have different options and opportunities for affiliate marketing. Setting up an affiliate program with top quality product providers is an excellent way to earn money blogging. Your customers what to know what you are using. They want to be recommended top quality products that you purchase and believe in.

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Why not get paid for recommending products that you like. You probably do it for free right now. Don't you?

I do. I purchase something that is totally awesome, I tell my friends. It's the same thing when for your visitors. If you purchase something that sucks, you don't recommend it to your friends. Do you? No, not likely. It's the same with your visitors.

You have to be careful telling someone that a product sucks, but if it does, give all the reasons why you would use something else instead of that specific product. No reason to get into any legal trouble with your blog.

Therefore, use the products that you recommend. I find this a simple rule to follow. If I'm not willing to purchase some thing, then why would I recommend it to someone else.

And, if I do purchase a product, I can write off the cost of it as research for my business. I probably can't write off the cost if I keep purchasing the product, but the first time should be OK. (Talk to your accountant, before taking any advise from me about this stuff.)

Can't find an affiliate program? Well, there are plenty of them out there. Start with these:

  • Commission Junction
  • Clickbank
  • AvantLink
  • Amazon
  • Linkshare
  • eBay

Once you start to look, you will be amazed at how many you will find. Most of them have an application process, some will automatically approve you, others will do some investigation. Before signing up for any affiliate program, I would suggest that you have at least 30 - 50 pages of good quality content and traffic (more than 250 unique visitors per day).

Sell Advertising
As you start to build a community on your website, you will start to receive requests for advertising. Why not set up a link to your own advertising page so that they know how to contact you to advertise. You can also negotiate with the person or company interested in advertising. Thing to negotiate are the price you charge for advertising, possible products and product samples for yourself and as free give aways.

I have also seen many website and blog owners offering advertising to people through FIVERR.com. You can charge $5 to advertise for 1 week, or 1 month or 1 year. You choose. As the traffic you receive to your website increases then the value of your advertising will increase substantially.

Sell Your Own Products
As an affiliate you are selling products generated by others and you receive a benefit, commission. As you become more knowledgable in your niche, you may have an idea for products, or services that would benefit your visitors. Write a book or an ebook. Offer consulting services, via skype. Offer seminars and webinars. The opportunities are endless.

There are many advantages to selling your own products. First you can offer these products through affiliate programs. Then you create a sales force of website owners who drive traffic to your website. This increases your marketing reach and will significantly increase the traffic to your website.

Have a Donation Page
As people visit your website, many will appreciate the great, passionate, valuable, informative information that you provide, for free on your website. Some of these individuals will appreciate it so much that they would give you a donation or buy you a "Starbucks Coffee" or give you a tip.

Why not include a donation button on your website. One website owner claims to earn $10,000 every year with this idea alone... Even if it's just $500, you've just created a residual income, what a great way to earn money blogging.

How is Your Traffic?
We have discussed a number of possibilities for monetization that will bring good revenue when your readers follow the click... The key, most important factor for you, or me for that matter, to earn money blogging is traffic!

Without traffic, you can have all the ads and affiliate programs, fancy this, that and the other, but there aren't any customers in your store (reading your web page) to buy your products...

Therefore, increase your traffic to earn money blogging. The best way to increase your traffic is to write great, interesting, passionate, emotional content. Optimize your website with keywords, I have talked about this in much more detail under Increase Blog Traffic!

On this same page, I review and discuss Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic!

I believe that the magic number, to start to earn money blogging is to have an average of 250 unique visitors per day. I also believe that it is really important to have a website that covers the keywords related to the niche. This could mean 100 pages, it could mean 2000 pages.

The more pages that you have the related to a different keyword, the more chances you will have of getting found by visitors. For anyone, experienced or not, who wants to build a successful website, must compare providers. I have compared and I have found only one that has a proven track record of success...

Compare for yourself. Let me know what you think?

Any successful venture will take some time and energy. If you set things up right, follow a plan you can easily earn money blogging, now and well into the future!

Do you have some other ways to earn money blogging, fill out the form below!

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