Free Blogging Software

Free blogging software is an excellent means to manage your online content.

You've decided that you want to build a business online, and you've chosen a blog as the hub for your marketing activities. Thousands of internet marketers used blogs to build their online businesses, and some have even been able to derive full time incomes from blogging.

Before you get started discussing free blogging software for your new business venture, you need to have a plan. Have you considered the following?

  • Have you chosen your niche?
  • Have you researched keywords related to your chosen niche?
  • Have you identied the profitable keywords for your niche?
  • Have you created a site blueprint for content & keywords?
  • Have you considered how you would monetize your blog or website?
  • Have you considered becoming a High Earning Affiliate?

If you haven't considered these, then visit how to build a blog. We discuss 5 strategies for building a successful blog.

If you have already considered these questions above and you are now ready to find a webhost and load some free blogging sofware, let's review one more thing...

In many of my other articles, I have discussedmy opinion about blogging vs. creating a theme based, keyword focused, niche website. I believe that a blog is best utilized in conjunction with a keyword focused, theme based content website. A blog is ideal for news related content. What I mean, is content that is relevant today. If something is going on, posting some relevant content about these happenings is ideally completed with a blog.

The good thing about most content is that it's relevant today and well into the future. If you have a recipe blog, and you post a good recipe, it's going to be good in 5 years just like it is today.

When most people search for something, they review the websites that come up on the search engine and check the date. If the information is old, then may skip over it because they are looking for newer, more relevant answers to their questions.

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Blogs tend to be sorted in this timeline fashion. Which means that you may miss out on some potential visitors. You can publish pages when you have a blog, but many bloggers don't.

There is an excellent article that discussed this very topic, visit blog it or build it to get another perspective.

In its most basic form, a blog consists of applications that organize and manage your posts, store your images, and moderate reader comments. All blogs contain these elements, and nearly every type of blog software available will give you these features including the free blogging software.

The easiest way to take advantage of free blogging software is to launch your site with one of the major blogging platforms, such as Blogger,, Tumblr or TypePad. All of the features of free blogging software is already present on these sites, so you will not have to download any applications to your own computer or server. There are a few drawback when using one of these platforms:

  • You have relatively little control over how the software functions.
  • You may be able to modify a few of the features
  • You will be limited in how far you can customize your blog
  • Your blog name will be a subdomain of the main platform

Depending on your specific needs, these may meet your specific personal or business needs.

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  • and much more...

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Wordpress Wordpress is probably the most popular free blogging software. It's very easy to install and most hosting companies make it very easy to install once you have a hosting package with them. offers blogging software that you can download and use on a third party hosting site, such as BlueHost, Godaddy or HostGator. In many ways, it is the same as the software that runs blogs on, but it gives you far more power to customize your site.

Through the use of add on scripts, called plugins, you can add a variety of features to your blog, such as spam filters, automatic tagging, and featured posting.

You can also choose many different free themes, each theme is maintained by a third party. You can brows different themes and choose and install one. Whether it is a free or a paid theme, it doesn't really matter.

There are so many themes today that I would suggest that you just use a free one. But it's up to you. Once you choose your theme, then you need to include plugins, some to optimize your keywords, others for social media buttons and there are many more.

One caution: The plugins are built and developed by different programmers. The Themes are developed by different programmers. Sometimes, a theme won't work with a plugin and will crash your site.

This can be a little scary, but it's relatively easy to fix. If you don't have too much technical knowledge, it's best to pay someone to help you to install the theme and all the appropriate plugins.

WordPress or SBI

If you have a bit of programming knowledge, you can even modify the blogging software code to further refine your blog's design. You can either create a baby-theme. This is a theme that is a modification of a main theme. You can also hire someone to do this for you as well.

For most people, the free blogging software offered by these platforms is sufficient to build a viable blogging business. Through the use of blogger templates, you can easily create an appealing, easy to navigate blog that will attract visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Some of the more basic templates are available for free, but if you are willing to make a financial investment in your blog, you can purchase a premium template to create a blog design that is uniquely your own.

Templates such as Affiliate Theme, Thesis, and FlexxTheme allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your blog, from the color scheme to the way the sidebar shows affiliate banners and internal links.

More Advanced Options If you have advanced programming knowledge, and you want to host your blog on your own server, there are several free or low cost blogging software options, such as Drupal, LifeType, and Apache Roller.

Unless you plan on running dozens of fully customized blogs, though, you will probably find that maintaining blogs on your own server is more costly and time consuming than it is worth.

Wordpress is really the most popular free blogging software. It is supported by many programmers and website designers. If you need help with installing, modifying a wordpress site, you have many options and choices. There is a whole industry that has evolved around supporting wordpress websites.

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