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Want to start an online business? A home based affiliate business is an excellent option for anyone interested in starting and building an online business.

Many people dream of being able to make a living selling products on the internet. For most, though, the process of developing, creating, and manufacturing a product is cost prohibitive. Creating a physical product typically requires thousands of dollars of equipment; plus, you have to purchase enough raw materials to build a product inventory.

This is why many would-be marketers never embark upon their dreams.

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Before embarking on a home based affiliate business, it's important to have a plan. When we are keen to get something going, the last thing we want to hear is "write a business plan", but it's really important.

I have found no other site builder that helps new and established business people to build a successful online business. The offer web hosting and bring you through a comprehensive action plan process and tools to ensure your success!

I have built websites using a number of different providers, but I would never use another provider again!

Once you have a plan, then it's time to write great content and start to develop your affiliate relationships.

Build Affiliate Relationships
Fortunately, there is a viable alternative that you can use to sell products without incurring the expense of development and manufacturing. You can set up affiliate relationships with companies and products that you like and believe in.

These companies want you to refer their products and services and you will earn commissions by doing this in your website or blog, as well as through other online channels. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliates available in just about every niche market out there. No matter what kind of product you want to sell online, chances are there are several affiliate businesses that have just the products you are looking for.

The concept behind running an affiliate business is quite simple. You, or your company, becomes a commission sales rep for other companies who manufacture and provide products and services.

A company might manufacture and sell various products (or perhaps offer digital product that customers can access immediately), but don't want to incur the large initial advertising expenses normally associated with online product launches.

The company chooses to make the product available to affiliates, either through a stand alone affiliate program, or through an online affiliate marketplace such as Commission Junction, Clickbank or Share A Sale.

Affiliates, website or blog owners, who are interested in selling the product apply and sign up as an affiliate. Once approved, they are given unique links containing their affiliate IDs, so they can be credited for any sales they refer. They then use these links to promote the affiliate company's product. When a website or blog visitor clicks on the link and purchases the product from the vendor, the home based affiliate business earns a commission on the sale.

Because the company provides unique text and image links, it is easy to get these various programs up and running. The difficult part, for many marketers, is getting visitors to click on the ads. You can increase your sales by providing honest, useful product reviews on your website or blog, using the affiliate links in your review.

Top 3 Affiliate Rules
There are 3 important rules to remember when setting up home based affiliate business:

  1. Choose top quality affiliates
  2. Choose affiliates related to your niche
  3. Use the products that you recommend

1. Choose top quality affiliates
OK, the affiliates that you recommend are a reflection of you. When you recommend to your friends products and services and they have a bad experience, what do they do? They complain to you. Right?!

Well, visitors to your website, don't generally complain. They just stop coming to see you again! You lose traffic and therefore you lose sales. It's just not worth it to recommend crappy home based affiliate business products!

Products that I recommend here are products that I have used. If you have tried one of these products and you are unhappy, tell me! I will stop recommending them. Sometimes companies change over time, sometimes their quality goes down.

2. Choose Affiliates related to your niche
OK, perhaps this obvious, but all too often I see websites promoting products that are completely unrelated to the information on the page.

An advertiser doesn't want this. People browse the internet looking for specific information. If they find the information they are looking for then they are probably more likely to purchase products related to the info they just read.

In fact, I believe that we are doing our visitors a dis-service by not recommending top quality products that they are looking for. If we have found something that others can benefit from, then we should be sharing this with others. Our visitors benefit and the advertisers benefit as well!

3. Use the Products that we Recommend
Again, when we recommend stuff to our friends, we usually recommend products services that we have already experienced. This should be the same with our internet visitors.

There are plenty of home based affiliate business that we can try. For example, if we love to cook and we have a recipe website then wouldn't we try the recipe first before we recommended it?

There may be some fantastic recipe books that we have, recommend them. The great advantage of having a business that is related to something we love is that we can write off many the products and services that we purchase as research!

Now if we purchase something every month for our own consumption, then we can't really write that off, but if we can write off our first purchase!

When we include affiliate links within our text, it makes it more obvious to our readers what we are recommending. It also makes it easier for them to follow the links to the products that we recommend.

Placing image links within your content will also help increase the number of readers who click through to the affiliate company and therefore this improves your sales.

Recommend Other Affiliates
There are some companies offering home based affiliate business that will not only pay you for your own sales, but also for the sales of referrals who join the affiliate program. Let's say you have a blog about camping, and you are promoting a set of campfire cookware. One of your readers clicks through your affiliate link, she likes the product and decides that she wants to make money selling this home based affiliate business product as well.

Because your reader clicked through using your affiliate link, he or she becomes a sub affiliate. When she promotes the product and makes a sale, you will receive a portion of the commission as well!

Some affiliate marketers are able to derive a substantial income solely from the efforts of sub affiliates. By combining promotion of the product with promotion of the referral program itself, you can build a business that can earn more money than you ever thought possible.

For more information about how this works check out make money with affiliate program.

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