How To Build A Blog
The Smart Way

You need to know how to build a blog, whether you are running a business with 1 to 10 employees or you just have something to say.

Blogging is just a different way to build a website. Blogs used to be online journals for people to provide their opionions about this that and the other. Blogs, didn't really generate much revenue or help a business. Now, that has all changed. People typically give their opinions on Facebook and through other Social Media avenues. Having a Blog has become more relevant for businesses & people with products to sell.

One thing I have noticed when I speak with people who are considering a blog, or possibly building a website, is their apprehension about the time treadmill. Blogs are a time stamped online journal and all the guru's suggest that we, as blog owners, need to keep providing content consistently to have success.

We are all busy and this commitment can be a little scary. Whether we have to write something once a month, or once a week, or everyday. If we have a full time job already, how can we find the time?

If we are concerned about this, then the other option is to build a theme based website. We can do this for any topic we wish, just like a blog. We can write content any time we wish: monthly, weekly, daily, what ever. I found an excellent article that compares and contrasts building a blog or building a theme based website. Read Blog It or Build It!

The first step to success with any venture is to have a plan. Whether we learn how to build a Blog, to build a theme based website, or to learn how to bake a cake, we need a plan. For a cake, we actually use a recipe, but a recipe is really just a plan, isn't it?

For any online business, the plan will involve 5 key steps:

  1. A Niche Topic
  2. A Keyword Strategy
  3. Quality Content
  4. A Backlink Strategy
  5. Monetize

1. A Niche Topic
Probably the most important step when we consider how to build a blog, or any website for that matter is to choose a topic. The internet is a big place. There are millions of websites. Unless we have a huge staff we need to choose a niche. The more specific the niche, the better.

There are plenty of topics we could choose, but the most important topics are those that we love. If our blog or website is for our business, then we must choose a niche related to our business. If this is a new venture for us, then why not choose a topic we are interested in, one we have passion and emotion about.

If you want some ideas, check our 20 Make Money Online Blog Ideas, here I list 20 different blog niches that appear to be profitable. That is, there are a lot of searches on a monthly basis and not enough supply.

Sometimes choosing this topic can be difficult. I have found a site builder that has an excellent brainstorming and analysis tools that will help you to narrow down your choice in niche and it is all included in the package price.

2. A Keyword Strategy
The first step was to find something that appeals to you. The next step involves choosing keywords related to your niche. Choose the correct keywords, when learning how to build a blog, that will appeal to the search engine spiders that crawl all over your website. They gather information about your website/blog for the search engines. It's important to have your blog optimized.

I wrote information about optimizing a web page or blog here.

How do we choose the appropriate keywords? Many guru's will suggest that you utilize google adwords to search topics and keywords to find your niche.

I have ready many blogs and if the blog owners are using this strategy, then it's not really working for them. It's really important to learn how to build a blog with the proper keywords. The keywords we use need to meet the following criteria:

  • Keyword must be related to our niche
  • Keyword must have greater demand that supply
  • The lower the existing supply (under 100 - 500 competing websites) the better
  • We must Create a Keyword Plan or Map

This is a very important step in building our successful ebusiness (website/blog). Tools like Wordtracker will help you to find your keyword niche. That is, if you have found a niche, then wordtracker will help you to find all the profitable keywords within your niche. I think that wordtracker is an excellent tool, but it's a little expensive...

I have found a sitebuilder that has an excellent keyword tool, like wordtacker, but it's included in the total cost, plus you get a money back success & satisfaction guarantee.

Make Your Content PRE-Sell

Hundreds of books are written about writing to sell but none explain how to PRE-Sell, until now!

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3. Quality Content
When we are learning how to build a blog, the second most important aspect of a quality website is the content. Yes, the keywords are listed as second, but it's easier to create the keyword plan first, then write the awesome content based on the keywords we have planned on.

If the people who visit don't like the content, then they aren't going to come back. They aren't going to recommend their friends to read your website. Your website just won't be successful.

How do you write quality content? Easy, you have chosen a niche that you love. A niche that you are passionate about, have emotion about, want to learn more about, want to tell people about...

It's easy, provided you have the right topic! That's why choosing a niche is the first step...

Writing for a website isn't like writing a term paper at school. The writing is more like conversation. The writing isn't formal. Short sentences, short paragraphs. Easy... If you want to learn more about writing quality content, then there is a free e-book that you can download called "Internet Writing - Masters Course". It's listed on the left side and there is an image of the book on the right side that you can click and download free.

There is also another free Course that I recommend, as part of learning how to build a blog, is "Make Your Content Pre-Sell". This is also free and has excellent information about writing for an internet audience!

4. A Backlink Strategy
Ok, so now you can name your website or blog and start building a successful ebusiness. In fact, with these 3 steps completed, you are well on your way and well ahead of many others, to a very successful website!

If you only build pages based on keyword and write wonderful content, then you gain traffic gradually. After a while it will snowball. If you want to build the traffic a little faster, then it's important to get some other websites to link back to you.

When I talk about how to build a blog, the smart way, then our discussion must include backlinks! There are 3 main categories that you can utilize to generate links back to your website:

  • Directory Submissions
  • Related Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Article Directories
  • Advertising
  • Question & Answer Sites
  • Interview Guru's in Your Niche
  • Video Sites

As we understand how to build a blog we'll understand how each of these backlinking strategies offer different advantages and disadvantages. Having a good balance of all these is the best plan. Any banklinking strategy should only take 10-15% of the overall time you devote to your site.

I have more details about all of these on another page about increasing blog traffic. Check here for more details.

5. Monetize
The last part on how to build a blog the smart way, and this part should be introduced once you have created at least 15-20 pages of content, is generating income from your website. If we are going to spend time and energy on our website, we might as well make some money doing it!

This is quite a big topic and I cover this with many pages under the secion called Make Money With Affiliate Program. Review all this information to get a good understanding all the different ways it is possible to monetize your website.

I hope this has helped you learn how to build a blog or website. Personally, my preference is to create a content focused website with a blog functionality attached. Tell me what you think?

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