How to Make Money Fast

Need to learn how to make money fast? The mortgage is due next week, the car payment is late, and you need to pay for your daughter's ballet classes. No matter what you do, you can't seem to make ends meet, and those unexpected expenses keep cropping up to make things even more difficult. You are trying to figure out how to make money fast, and you need a solution now.

Fortunately, there are ways to make money quick. However, these are not the methods you hear about on late night television infomercials or through slick internet sales pages.

Unfortunately, most of the people who promote these quick cash, make money quick methods are only trying to get your money.

Learning how to make money fast takes more than just paying $99 to an MLM company or an internet marketer; it takes creativity, determination, a willingness to work hard and Action!

Here is a video that really inspires me. Many of us want success, we want to make money fast, but do we want as much as this? This is a fantastic description of how we need to feel to achieve our goals and dreams!

Six Steps to Make Money Fast

1. Identify your Passion
The first step to learning how to make money fast is to identify what you love, identify your passions. You need to figure out what keeps you motivated. By doing something that you are passionate about will keep your energy levels high through the difficult times of running your own business.

I suggest finding our passion first because achieving success, or if we are looking at how to make money fast, there will be some tough times. There will be times that we want to quit. We will get distracted.

If we love what we do, we will push through these times! If we don't have any emotional commitment to what we do, if we have superficial reasons then we won't succeed.

Do we have a passion to breath? If there is plenty of air, we don't really notice. Once the air is removed, we notice. We fight with every last ounce of our strength to get more air! We need this type of passion to succeed.

Need to find your passion? I found a great decision making tool online that can help you to make a decision. Is your passion Gardening or Race Car Driving?

Use this excellent tool to help you to make the decision. Choose It!

2. Understand your Talents & Strengths
It is also important to take an objective, honest look at our talents and strengths, because this will determine how you will go about making money. Without understanding our talents and strengths, it would be easy to select a business that we are not well suited for. We would likely end up miserable and wondering why we were not making any money from your chosen venture.

Everyone has natural, innate talents. These are things that come to us very easily. We use these naturally in our every day lives. I found this book called "Now, Discover Your Strengths". It describes 34 natural talents or themes and there is a questionaire that you can take to discover your own.

I found this very enlightening, it clarified some things that I had already been thinking working through this helped me to understand myself better.

3. Goal Setting
Setting SMART goals should be one of your first steps if you want to make money fast. If you don't know exactly what you want to achieve, it will be impossible for you to get there. You should determine long term goals, such as freedom from your day job, and also short term, specific goals that will support your long term objectives.

For example, your initial goal might be something like, "sell 300 units within the first three months". Once you have achieved a smaller goal, you will have the enthusiasm and drive necessary to achieve the next, bigger goal.

Goals need to be SMART, this stands for:

Get more details about setting SMART goals!

4. Create a Plan
Once you have set your goals, then you need to create an build an action plan that will help you to achieve these goals. An action plan is like a blueprint for getting your business idea up and running, and for growing your business so you can earn even more money.

If you follow these steps, you will have identified your passions, identified your talents and strengths, set goals and then created an action plan to help you achieve these goals. What next?

5. Take a step toward your Goals!
Take action now! So many people plan and plan, wish and wish but never take action. This is a very important step. Spend a little time every day working on your action plan. Review what you have accomplished and take action on another step.

Slowly you will accomplish more and more results and you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished at the end of a week, a month, even a year! By reviewing your accomplishments regularly you will get a sense of accomplishment and this will motivate you to take additional steps toward making money and striving toward your goals!


6. Take Action!
Make this a habit. Take a step every day. Do something each and every day, something that will move you closer to your ultimate goal.

Let's say your goal is to do 50 push ups every day. Start today, if you can complete 5 push ups, then complete 5 today and tell yourself that this is your first step to 50 push ups.

Tomorrow, do the same thing. 5 push ups. You are creating a habit.

The next day, you might to 8 push ups. You are on the path to 50 push ups each day.

The following day, you might be feeling ill and don't want to do push ups. You push through these feelings and complete 1 push up! That's it. No problem, you are on the path to 50 each day.

The following day will be easier, you complete 10 push ups.

Everyday, you do some push ups. It might be 1, it might be 25, but everyday you complete some push ups! You have formed a habit. Eventually you will be able to complete 50, then 75, then 100!

Create a reminder for yourself to review your goals and complete at least one action each and every day, no matter how big or small, on something that will move you closer to your goal! You will never regret it.

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