Increase Blog Traffic

A question many Blog and website owners ask is: How can I increase blog traffic?

You may feel like you're talking to yourself as you write post after post with very few visitors coming by to read your blog. Getting traffic to visit your site is a challenge for most new bloggers, and without a steady traffic flow, blogging will quickly become a frustrating endeavor.

It is important to understand that it is next to impossible to increase blog traffic overnight. Getting a good volume of traffic can take quite a bit of time, but it's really important to understand how to build it!

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Let's assume that you are already writing good quality content that is unique and adds value that your visitors enjoy. If not, or if your not sure, then download this free ebook!

There are 11 key strategies that we can utilize to increase blog traffic or increase website traffic:

  1. Write Quality Content
  2. Optimize Our Website or Blog
  3. Engage with our Visitors & Readers
  4. Invite Guest Bloggers or Writers to submit content to Our Website
  5. Participate in other Blogs & Websites in Our Niche
  6. YouTube Video Strategy
  7. Write Articles and post them on Article Hosting Websites
  8. Utilize Social Media
  9. Advertise on Free Advertising Websites
  10. Interview Guru's in Your Niche & Post the Interviews on Your Website
  11. Participate in Q&A Websites

Notice, that the first 4 steps build our website and the last 7 build links and traffic to our website.

1. Write Quality Content

OK, I did say, write quality content before, but I just have to clarify a little. We must write about a subject that we are passionate about. Perhaps we love a TV show, like American Idol? Write about it!

The passion for the subject will come through. The emotion, the enthusiasm, the idea will flow when we work on something we love. It will also be easier to keep writing, on those rare occasions that you are distracted, or busy, and the initial enthusiasm of your American Idol Blog starts to wear off.

Perhaps you have experiences a tragedy in your life? Write about it. Express your pain, talk about what you have gone through, write about how you have dealt with every aspect of your tragedy!

A Survival Blog or Website can be a source of inspiration to others who are going through the same thing. Your passion, your emotion will come through and you will have more & more visitors who either experienced the same sort of thing or know someone who has!

To increase blog traffic, this is the number one, most important thing to start doing and continue doing as your website grows.

2. Optimize our Website or Blog
Search engine optimization or SEO is a very important part of having a successful website. There are 2 very important aspects of SEO:

  • Optimization of Our Website
  • Backlinks to our website
In this section, I want to review the importance of optimizing our website itself. We cover building backlinks when we discussed Participate in other Blogs & Websites in Our Niche.

For some reason, not all blog owners optimize their website. This is the first step and really the foundation to increase blog traffic. Proper optimization will ensure that our website gets listed on the search engines. It really helps us to get a good ranking on the first page!

To optimizing our website, we must build a plan for our site. A kind of blueprint that is keyword focused, with all the keywords related to our niche. When we build each post, or page the content must be written with the keywords included in the Title, the content itself (at least 5 times) and included in at least 2 links.

We need to build a site that is 3 dimensional. Let's use a pyramid as an example. We have a home page, which is at the top of our pyramid then we have a bunch of level 2 pages. These are our main topics of information. We then have another group, level 3 pages that relate to the level 2 pages.

If there is 1 home page, then we could have 5 or 10 level 2 pages, then each level 2 page has 5 or 10 pages with content that relates to the level 2 pages. We have therefore build a kind of pyramid with everything relating and leading to our home page!

There are 8 Steps to take Optimize our Blog or Website:

  1. Focus on only 1 Keyword per page or post
  2. Keyword included in the Page Name
  3. Keyword included in the Title
  4. Meta keyword listing the keyword for our page & related page & homepage
  5. Keyword included in the Meta Description of our page
  6. Keyword included in the Headline of the page
  7. Keyword included at least 5 times in the content of our page
  8. Keyword included in 2 of the links in our page

These 8 things are relatively easy to do to increase blog traffic, but I'm surprised at how many people don't do them! If this sounds difficult, then there is a provider offers tools to ensure all this is done. The tools that they offer are all included in one very low price, I couldn't recommend them more, check out sitebuider tools to see how this can help you build a successful income producing blog or ebusiness!

3. Engage with Our Visitors & Readers
One thing that gets readers and visitor coming back is when we actually reply to their comments and feedback. Most people want to know if someone replies to their post. They come back and make more comments, or come back and check to see what else is said. This builds community and will definitely increase blog traffic.

When we include calls to action within our text and within our blog, our visitors will act. Whether they click our links, or write comments, send images and or video to include with their comments, that is what we want. When we have real people providing real stories, experiences and adding value to our blog the results will be amazing. We increase blog traffic as a result and more, and more, people will come and join our community.

4. Participate in other Blogs & Websites in Our Niche
Join other web communities that are the same as or related to our website. This way we learn what is going on within our niche. We can also provide comments that add value, are meaningful and insightful to other websites and blogs. When we add comments, the moderator, or the website/blog owner can choose to approve our comments or not. If he thinks we are just providing comments that are SPAM, then they will likely get declined.

When we provide our comments, we will typically include our name, email and website address. If our comments are approved, then there is a permanent link from our comments back to our website. As we build more of these comments, we receive more and more backlinks. The search engine spiders like these backlinks to our website and rank our website higher and higher for our specific keyword searches.

When readers of the other blogs and websites like our comments, they will follow the link to our website. This helps increase blog traffic and the traffic multiplies! Because we are commenting in websites that are related to our niche, we are generating much more highly targetted traffic that if we simply added comments anywhere on the internet.

A steady growth of backlinks, on a consistent basis helps increase blog traffic. You may work at this for three months or more before you start to see substantive results.

Of course, you may have seen “systems” that claim to instantly bring you thousands of visitors overnight. Most of these methods use redirects, pop-unders, expired domains, and other shady methods to increase blog traffic. The problem with this, though, is that the increase blog traffic they provide is worthless.

A visitor who was duped into looking at your site through artificial means won't be the kind of person who is interested in what you have to say. Almost invariably, this type of visitor will immediately click off your site without reading a single word. And you can be certain that they will not come back.

Instead of simply focusing on the number of people who visit your blog, concentrate on getting targeted blog traffic. This means that you want to attract the people who are interested in your blog's topic. These are the people who will keep coming back to read your new posts, and ultimately help you build a successful blogging venture.

There are much better ways to increase blog traffic that is targeted toward the topic of your blog than resorting to black hat tactics...

5. Invite Guest Bloggers or Writers to Submit Content
As our website grows we will regularly have visitors who will want to comment, tell their story, etc. But, until that happens, there is nothing wrong with contacting some bloggers or web owners to contribute to your website to start the community interaction going.

If you can get some, then this will help to build your community. Most people will link their own website to content that they have contributed somewhere else. By contributing to your website, they also get the benefit of a link back to their own blog or website. This will increase blog traffic for both of you!

6. YouTube Video Strategy
This is a backlinking strategy is another excellent way to increase blog traffic. Once we are building quality content, with passion, focus, emotion and starting to build up some traffic we need to start building backlinks to our website. The method described in number 3, to participate in other blogs and websited will start to build some links for us. But, it's important to build a variety of links!

YouTube is a fantastic way to build additional links. Today, it's easier than it was years ago to create video and then upload to YouTube. When we create video, we must do the following to ensure we are getting full benefit from them:

  • Make the Heading of the Video Keyword Focused
  • Include our Keyword in the description of the video
  • Include our web address in the description of the video
  • Annotate the Video to include our web address as a note in the video
  • Promote our video to increase ranking

These five simple steps will help to increase blog traffic by increasing the number of backlinks to our website. I stumbled upon this strategy. I created a mortgage calculator and wanted to include some instructional video on some of the website's pages.

A couple of weeks after I created the video, I was searching the internet and noticed that other websites had included my video on their website to describe my calculator! Wow, I not only have a backlink from YouTube, but I now have a backlink from a bunch of other websites through this video!

To take this a step further, I uploaded the same video to a bunch of other video hosting websites. This gave me a bunch of other backlinks as well.

7. Write articles and post them to Article Hosting Websites
Sometimes it's tough to write good content, let alone write a bunch of articles for another website, but this is a great way to add additional backlinks and increase blog traffic. When writing these articles, choose keywords that are related to your niche but aren't good enough for a web page on your site!

It's also important to write articles related to your niche. Use the keywords that you have researched and choose the one's that don't have too much demand or too much competition. Write a short 400-500 word article. Good quality, but not completely comprehensive!

Once the article is written, you can post it to one of the article writing websites, just make sure you don't post the exact same article to multiple hosting sites. Each one should receive a unique article. There is software available that will "SPIN" your article to make it appear unique, but why waste your time. If you want good quality links, then provide good quality articles and don't bother with the SPIN versions!

You can sign up as a member of most of these sites for free, and submit as many articles as you want. Write articles that ad value, and make sure that you provide the link back to your blog in the resource box, which is included with every article. Many businesses will search for articles that are relevant and valuable to their clients.

When these businesses copy your article, because it is interesting and informative for their clients, they are required to include the resource box, which points back to you. This will help bring traffic to your site. This traffic will come because they liked your article and want to learn more about you and your blog.

8. Utilize Social Media
Social Media is such an integrated part of what we do today, sometimes it's easy to forget. With every page, we should include choice and options for our visitors to share the information that they have found on our blog or website with their social network.

Include the like buttons, GooglePlus button, twitter and other relevant Social Media button. The more people who like our quality content, the more they will share with the people they know and before we know it our website has thousands of visitors every single day!

In addition have the option for readers to tweet or like your content. Make sure to tweet and update facebook everytime you write more content for your website. You can also pay someone to tweet your new page to his or her followers. is an excellent site where people offer all sorts of weird and wonderful services like this.

9. Advertise on Free Advertising Websites
The best on to advertise on is Create some ads that link back to your website. These links will be no follow links, but if people are looking and interested in your niche, then you will get some traffic from this free source.

Craigslist will also let you re-post your ad after it has started to get lower on the list and less people are viewing it. Do this and keep your ad relatively fresh.

10. Interview Guru's in Your Niche & Post the Interviews on Your Website
This is one good strategy to build some good, relevant content on your website and potentially receive a quality backlink to your website.

If you ask nicely, most of the guru's in your niche would likely consent to an interview. You can either complete a telephone/skype call or send them a list of questions by email.

Once you publish your interview with them on your website, you will likely receive a link back from your guru's website to your interview page. Again, this is a great way to build some quality content and get a backlink at the same time.

11. Participate in Q&A Websites
Websites like Yahoo Answers, is a great place to answer questions related to your niche. Include your website link in your signature and you get a banklink.

Like building quality content on your own website, it's important to write quality answers on these Q&A websites. Quality will also bring more traffic to your website, because when someone readys your excellent answer, they will want to know what else you are saying.

Building targeted blog traffic takes time, patience, and effort. It's important to focus most of your energy on the content building activities and only 10-15% of your time on link building activities.

When you see your blog readership steadily growing as a result of your efforts, you will be glad you invested your energy into these blog traffic building strategies.

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