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If you've recently started a blog, or if you are planning to start one soon, you probably have a vision/dream to make money by blogging; To have of thousands of people visiting your blog every day and it is entirely possible!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of blogs never see the light of day, because most bloggers don't understand what it takes to build and monetize successful blogs. As a result, they become frustrated and give up after a month or two. This does not have to be the case with your blog.

We describe five simple techniques you can use to improve your chances and make money by blogging:

  1. Define Your Niche
  2. Be Consistent
  3. Publish Value Added Content
  4. Have Your Own Voice
  5. Market Your Website

Before we even review these 5 techniques. Let's simply discuss blogs vs. theme based websites.

Follow this link to watch a video about building a keyword focused them based ebusiness.

I talk a great deal about blogging on this website and I think that there is a place for a blog. I just believe that a content focused website will be much more successful than a blog alone.

Yes, you can be successful with a blog. Many people have before now and I am certain that many will in the future. Everything that I talk about on this website is relevant to either a blog or a theme based content website.

The reason I prefer a content based website to a blog is that most bloggers will publish posts in a timeline. Most internet users will search for a topic, look a the date to see if how relevant that the information is before they choose which website to click on. Most of the information that we write is evergreen. The information is relevant today as much as it was 1 year ago and will be relevant 1 year from now.

The ideal situation is to create a keyword focused website with a blog attached. The keyword focused website has evergreen information and the blog has news articles relevant to the present time. In my opinion, this is the best way to create a successful "make money by blogging" blog!

Here is an excellent article that goes into the differences between a blog or a website or both!

1. Define Your Niche
The first step to make money by blogging is to define your blogging niche before you begin. What topic do you want to write about? Before you register a domain name, or start your blog, this is the perfect time to brainstorm. Think about some subjects that you are interested in. Subjects that you love, you are passionate about, subjects that you would like to learn more about.

These are the ideal topics. If you choose something you don't like, then you won't last. There is no boss, telling you to work on stuff. No boss cracking the whip! Just self motivation when you own your own website or blog. The best self motivation is having a passion for something! Here are 20 make money online blog ideas that I found with excellent demand (many searches monthly) not too much competition (less existing websites for this topic).

Once you have your Niche, then create a keyword strategy. A keyword strategy is very important when we want to make money by blogging or site building. Not only do we need to focus on quality content for our human visitors, we need to be able to write for our search engine spiders. The search engines bring the people to us, by listing our website or blog high in the search results, when people search for specific keywords. Having 1 important keyword for every page is the best way to create our site. Searching and researching the keywords within our niche, that have good demand, low supply will help us to carve out a niche of our own!

When we start to write our website and want to make money by blogging, each page should have a focus based on the keyword we have chosen and be relevant and entertaining for our visitors. It`s best not to get too far off topic. It`s best to write with our visitor in mind. What are they looking for when they search for this specific keyword? Give them this information and use the keyword in our title, our meta tags, our heading and in the content and a couple of links.

2. Be Consistent
Commit to blogging consistently or publishing regularly. If you currently have a full time job, then commit to an hour a day, or an hour every 2 days, or what ever works with your schedule.

As I described before, a blog will require much more consistency. You will have to publish a post very regularly or your visitors will stop coming. Blogging requires a rhythm, a regular update to your visitors. If you have an evergreen, theme based, content based website, then you don`t have to be as consistent, but it`s still important to work on your site every week.

To successfully make money by blogging, I would suggest that research and writing content should make up 85% of the time you commit to each week. The other 15% of the time should be spent marketing your website. Well talk about that in number 5!

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3. Publish Value Added Content
The third key to make money by blogging is to make sure your content provides value to your readers. Download the free course Make Your Content PRE-Sell, it has excellent information about publishing quality content.

Regardless of whether the purpose of your blog is to educate or to entertain, your posts should consistently deliver. People read blogs and websites because they are looking for valuable information or entertainment, and if they feel like they are not getting anything useful from your articles, they will quickly look elsewhere.

I talk about this everywhere so I'm not going to go into great detail about the content here. I simply suggest that when you have published your content, you want to be proud of it. You will want to show it off to your friends, neighbors, etc. If you don't, then don't publish it.

4. Have Your Own Voice
It's important to develop your own voice. Chances are, no matter what topic you are writing about, there are thousands of other websites and bloggers out there who are doing the same thing. Develop your own unique voice. You have a different perspective than any one else on this planet. You have your own experiences, your own passions and opinions.

If people just want to read the facts, then everyone would just go to Wikipedia. But they don't! They want to read opinion and the also want to give opinion. By creating your own voice and allowing comments on your website, you will create a community. People who will come back again and again. To see what you have said. To see how others have replied to their comments.

This is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. In order to find your own voice, try writing your posts as if you were having a conversation with a good friend. If it feels right to use slang or humor, it is perfectly fine to do so. People want to feel connected with bloggers and website owners, so using a conversational style will help you engage your readers and keep them coming back.

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5. Market Your Website
The most critical key to success to make money by blogging is consistent promotion. Promotion creates traffic and traffic helps you to make money by blogging!

Don't rely on the ”build it and they will come” mentality. Promote your website by:

  • Become an active member of forums in your niche
  • Commenting on other blogs in your niche
  • Submitting your website to directories
  • Uploading video to YouTube and promote your Website or Blog

All of these things have 1 thing in common - they create backlinks to your blog or website. There is a website builder that will help you to do all of these things and especially help you to build traffic.

By creating quality backlinks by creating good quality content on other blogs, forums, and YouTube, you will create more traffic. I have dedicated a page with strategies to increase blog traffic and it's completely relevant to websites as well.

It's very difficult to make money by blogging without traffic. I have found that you won't really see any revenue until you consistently have at least 250 unique visitors every day. Your blog or website will grow slowly but consistently, provided you have a plan and you follow these 5 simple techniques.

Do you have something to add, something I have missed? Any information will add to this discussion? Add your comments below.

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