20 Make Money Online Blog Ideas

Have a blog, or thinking about setting up a blog? We've researched and found 20 make money online blog ideas that show great potential. Skip to the 20 Blog Ideas!

In case you didn't know, anyone can make money blogging. Therefore, if we blog, we should make it profitable. Before we share our top make money online blog ideas, let's assume we have a blog and we already post on it regularly (at least once a week, every week).

If we spend an hour or 2 every week writing our blog, then we might as well make some money for our time.

We must to do these 5 keys to have a profitable make money online blog:

  1. Identify the subject we want to blog about
  2. Identify our competition
  3. Learn from our competition
    • what are they saying?
    • what are they selling?
  4. Start writing
  5. Keep writing regularly & consistently (at least once per week)

It's important to come up with fresh content for our site in order to make money online blogging. It's also important to be consistent. If we only blog intermittently then it will be difficult to build a large group of regular readers!

Optimize our Blog for Search Engines
As much as it is important to write great content in our blog for our human visitors. We also need to have properly optimized content for the search engine spiders that scour the internet. Building both is key.

If we just build for humans, then we are less likely to be ranked on the first page of google. If we just build our blog for the google spiders, then none of our human visitors will come back to read more.

Visit 8 Steps to Optimize a Blog Post or WebPage for more details about optimizing our blog content.

Building enough Backlinks
Backlinks are links to our blog from other blogs and websites that like our content and send their readers to us.

If we write excellent content, our readers will tell others and send their friends to read our content. As more people refer, post links to our site, the more visitors we will get to our blog.

In addition to great content, great images that support our content are also important. We can optimize the images by adding keywords to the "alt" tag.

It's also important to have a good blog host. If we manage to get all this straight, then we're ready to have a profitable blog.

Make Your Content PRE-Sell

Hundreds of books are written about writing to sell but none explain how to PRE-Sell, until now!

Download this eBook MYCPS - Make Your Content PRE-Sell, it's free and you don't have to a include name or email to receive it. You will:

  • Learn how to write Qualify Content
  • Learn how Quality Content builds Good Traffic
  • Good Traffic leads to PRE-Selling your visitors
  • PRE-Sold Visitors are happy to Click on your Ads & Buy Your Products
  • and much more...

Download MYCPS today!

Make money with Adsense
Google Adsense is an excellent tool to make money online blogging. Once we set up an Adsense account, we can include ads on our blog. The ads are delivered by google based on the keywords in our blog. Setting this up is relatively simple. We have to apply online through google adsense. Once authorize by google, we simply paste some code at proper locations on our blog and the ads will start right away.

When a visitor clicks on the ad, we will receive a commission. Google shares revenues from advertisers with websites and blogs that have google ads running.

Make money with Amazon
Amazon is another way to make money online blogging. Amazon has an Associate program that gives the opportunity to promote products they have by adding a code to the blog. When the Amazon ad is clicked by visitors, they are transferred to the relevant Amazon page of the products. If the visitors purchase those specific items, blog owners are compensated with a special commission for the referral.

Make Money with Affiliate Programs When Blogging
There are many affiliate programs which can be used with one of our 20 make money online blog ideas or with your own blog to help make money blogging.

Affiliate Master Marketing Course

Become a Master Affiliate, a high-earning affiliate champion? Take the Affiliate Masters course, it's free and you don't have to include name or email to receive it. You will:

  • Recognize the fundamental reality of how people use the Web
  • Do the critical up-front thinking and planning required to be successful
  • Then, put yourself into the click path of your visitors
  • Eliminate dependency on any single source of income
  • and much more...

Download the FREE Affiliate Master Marketing Course today!

When promoting affiliates, it's important to include text links that take our reader to the product that we are recommending in addition to banner advertising. Text links can help increase sales. Not all readers look at or click on the banner advertising around our blog. In fact, contextual links are one of the best ways to make money with an online blog.

For more detailed information about Affiliate Marketing and how it works visit Make Money With Affiliate Program.

We recently completed some research and identified 20 potential make money online blog ideas. These 20 blog topics have good demand and don't have a lot of competition! If any of these ideas interest you, then start a blog with one and make money online blogging right away (in no particular order):

  1. American Idol Blog
  2. Survival Blog
  3. Astronomy Blogs
  4. Internet Marketing Blogs
  5. OMG Blog
  6. Cooking Blogs
  7. Entrepreneurship Blogs
  8. Nudist Blog
  9. Most popular Blogs
  10. Weight loss Blogs
  1. Recipe Blogs
  2. Blog Journals
  3. Architecture Blogs
  4. Cancer Blogs
  5. Gardening Blogs
  6. Hockey Blogs
  7. Book Blogs
  8. Fly fishing Blog
  9. Make Money Blog
  10. Poetry Blogs

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