16 Quick Ways to Make Money

Need Cash? I have listed 16 quick ways to make money. But before we talk about these, let's consider the basics of making money. We all purchase something because we see value in the product that we are purchasing. The same philosophy goes with making money. We provide value, then someone will pay us money for the value we provide. The more value that is perceived the more we can charge!

There are basically 4 sources of Income:

  • Earned Income
  • Earn More/Work Less
  • Passive Income
  • Relational Capital

Earned Income

Earned Income is typically the fastest way to make money, in fact, most of the 16 quick ways to make money would be through earned income. This is where you trade your time for money.

Lets say you approach an employer. You want to work for him. The employer has a pre-determined value he is willing to pay for each job in his company. The empoyer has determined how much each duty is worth and will only pay you based on what he thinks the job you are doing is worth. Unless you can show that you will provide more value, then this is all you will earn.

One of the quick ways to make money would be to provide a service. You could work freelance, start a service business market yourself where you provide value. Here are 8 quick ways to make money:

  1. lawn mowing business
  2. house cleaning business
  3. baby sitting service
  4. a delivery service
  5. book keeping services
  6. admin or typing or labour jobs
  7. freelance jobs
  8. freelance writer
  9. Offer your services online

Lawn Mowing / House Cleaning / Deliver Businesses / Book Keeping
Baby Sitting Services / Administration & Typing / Labour
All of these businesses can be set up with little expense. We typically have the tools needed to start doing any of these businesses. All we have to do is make some marketing material & go door to door.

Another option is to post an ad on a free website like Craigslist or Kijiji or any other free classified website to generate prospective clients. That's 9 quick ways to make money and provide a service that you don't really need too much experience to do!

Freelance Writer / Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Other Online Service
If you have some skills but can't find work locally or if you just want to offer your services to a bigger audience this is an option! There are a bunch of great sites that bring contractors together with buyers

I like Elance, there are lots of employers and contractors. As a contractor you can bid on Jobs offered. You complete with other contractors from all over the world. This type of community is perfect if you have a skill that can be done virtually. That is, if you can do if without leaving your home. The jobs with the highest demand are:

  • IT & Programming
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Writing & Translation

If you don't really have a lot of skills, you could offer to do something for $5 bucks! FIVERR is an excellent website where people offer to do certain activites for cash. You don't really need to have a skill and you can offer to do anything you want. If someone thinks it's worth $5, then they could buy your service! Some great ads I've seen include:

  1. Mail a post card from the city you live in to someone for $5
  2. Make a 15-30 second video for someone
  3. Just ask for $5 bucks for a smile, a tip, or a puppet's gratitude
  4. Pray for someone in exchange for $5
  5. Create a video review of a website, or blog, or product, or book for $5
  6. Charge $5 to Tweet a series of Ads to all your followers (provided you have a lot of followers)

Some of the stuff on this website is completely ridiculous, but you never know what someone is willing to spend $5 buck on! With this crazy list the count is up to 14 quick ways to make money!

  1. Get Paid To Tweet
Fiverr is a great place to offer services, but if your Twitter account is 60 days old, and you have at least 50 followers and 100 status updates, the you could also get paid to tweet sponsored ads. You can earn anywhere from $0.10 per tweet or more depending on how many followers that you actually have.

If you refer a friend, this service will also pay you a 10% of the sponsored tweet portion of revenue that the Tweeter makes. If you already use Twitter, then what a great way to ad additional income.

Earn More / Work Less

OK, so how do we earn more when we work less? Easy, if we are self employed, we can leverage the time of our employees. Let's go back to the first list. If we set up a bunch of lawn mowing job, or a house cleaning job. We could charge $20 for each job and then hire someone to do half of them for us. If we pay our employee $15 per job, then we would make $20 for each job we did and then an additional $5 for each job our employee completed.

This same principle can be applied to all the other quick ways to make money. We could bid on a freelance job, win the job and then pay someone to do it for us and we take a percentage of the total payment.

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  • Attract your own Niche-Targeted Traffic
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  • Diversify your revenue model

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In the Make Money Quick article, I mentioned selling stuff. I still believe that these are a quick ways to make money and it would probably fall under the "earn more / work less" category. If you are selling stuff that you already own, then you aren't really spending too much time when you sell it. You don't have to go out and find the stuff through flea markets, garage sales, or what other method... You just place an ad and wait for a reply!

I had clients who wanted to purchase a home but didn't have any money for the down payment. They had a passion for gems, stones and crystals. They sourced stones online and through some contacts that they already had. They had these contacts because they regularly purchase stones and crystals, etc.

They had a whole bunch of research done regarding the stones & crystals already, so they created "Information Brochures" on the properties of all their products (stones, gems and crystals). They marketed their products to the psychic community, offering a discount to the psychics when they purchase products in their store.

How did they add value? They created a booklet that summarized all the products that they sold, listed the characteristics and properties and how the psychic's clients could benefit from these stones. (I believe that the benefits are the key here!)

All the work was done for the psychics that they marketed to. When the psychic had a client who needed to use a stone for some purpose. The psychic would show their client the brochure and stone that would benefit their client. The client would be referred to the store.

My clients saved almost $30,000 in just under 6 months after starting a business from nothing! This could certainly be considered one of the quick ways to make money!

Passive Income

Passive income is just income that you make without having to do much to generate it. There are a couple of ways to generate passive income:
  • Invest Your Money and receive interest income or dividend income
  • Create a Blog or Website & sell products
  • Write & Publish a book
  • Rent out something that we own

Invest Money and receive income or dividends
Alright, we need some quick ways to make money, we're probably not sitting on a huge savings that will generate passive income! Most passive income models don't generate a huge income right away. They typically increase slowly over time.

Website or Blog & Sell Affiliate Products
This choice is a very good way to make money, but not necessarily quick money! If you have the time to create a blog or website and you create valuable content that adds value, you will make money. You create the blog once. You write the content of a page once and then that page will generate cash flow for you for years into the future.

Check out Make Money With Affiliate Program for more information about generating cash flow as an affiliate.

Writing a Blog or creating a website is more like farming. We write good, value added content. People read our content. As more people read our content, they may buy some of the products that are advertised on our website. We make money when they buy products.

If you're not sure which is best, check out this review: Blog or Build or Both? That is the question... This is the most comprehensive comparison I have seen!

Write & Publish a Book
Writing a book isn't for everyone and it may not make money quick, once the book is written. Choosing a topic could be hit or miss. In today's environment, we could easily test our idea using Adsense or another PPC advertising platform to see if there is a market for the topic we might want to write about. I would definitely do this before spending a year writing a book that ends up getting few or no sales!

Rent Out Something That We Own
Sometimes I forget about this one. If we live in a home, we might have a room or 2 that no one is using. Why not rent out a room, or a garage, or the basement? Generally, we would charge a damage deposit up front and we get the rent at the beginning of each month.

If we rent out a room for $400/month, then we would ask for $400 as a damage deposit and then another $400 when the person moves in! Another of the quick ways to make money - $800 bucks, in this example:

  1. BONUS: Rent out a room in our home

Students are a great choice as a tenant. Many students have moved away from home, can't cook, get lonely and would be happy to live with a nice person or family who could provide some home cooked meals for them.

Relational Capital

What is relational capital? Well this is the "good will" that we build up when we establish and grow our relationships with the people we know. We build up this capital as we build up trust of the people we interact with. Typically, we have loads of relational capital with our best friends and our parents.

If you aren't sure who you have relational capital with, then ask yourself this: "If my car broke down at 4:30 in the morning, who would I call that would come and help me?" My parents? My best friend? My brothers or sisters? Who else?

These are the people that we have built the most relational capital with. There may be others. There should be others. The more people that would do this, the more capital we have built!

At first glance, this may not be one of the quick ways to make money but let's consider this a little more...


Most Network Marketing Businesses are build on this premise. We have people that we know. We see a great opportunity (not all multi-level marketing businesses are "great opportunities") and want to share this with everyone we know! Voila, we make money and so do all of our friends. Well, that is the theory, anyway!

There are many Networking Business out there. It is certainly possible to generate some income as long as:

  1. we get in early
  2. we aren't buying stuff that we don't normally buy
  3. we aren't paying more for the stuff than we would normally pay

Before starting a Net Marketing Business, make sure that these 3 conditions are met. Some Network Marketing businesses could one of the quick ways to make money, but be cautions.

I found this opportunity, just take a look, where we can get paid to consume the home essentials that we are buying anyway! Tell me what you think.

Let's say we wanted to start a business, but we don't have enough money to get it going. If we have gone through the process to find our passion, then to set our goals; then to create a plan of action; then we could probably use the relational capital we built up with our friends or family to get the money we needed!

I have found that in life there are 3 main things that have a profound effect on our lives (not necessarily in this order) and everything about our lives:

  • Our Relationships
  • Our Finances
  • Our Health

Relationships and our relational capital will ultimately determine how successful we are in all aspects of our life! We need to be visible, we need to build relationships with people, to truly get to know them and have them know us.

If we build a great deal of relational capital with more people, the quicker we will make money. Provided we continue to do things with trust and integrity. If not, we break down and lose the relational capital that we have build up.

I am not going to count this as one of the quick ways to make money, because building the relational capital takes time! However, once we have built relational capital, this is one of the quick ways to make money!

With lots of relational capital, we will have plenty of customers who want to purchase our products, purchase our service, do business with us because we add more value than we charge for our products and services!

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