Register Domain Name and then Sell Them!

One of the simplest ways to build an online business is to register domain name and then sell them. This business can be started without a lot of marketing or technical experience, so you can start making money with this strategy rather quickly.

It is quite easy to register a domain name. All you have to do is go to a website hosting site like, search for the domain name you want, and pay a small fee (usually $10 to $20) to register the domain name for yourself. This keeps anyone else from registering the name until it expires, so if they want to purchase it, they will need to contact you to do so.

The key to success with this business is to find domain names that are in demand, but that no one has thought to purchase yet. One good way to do this is to use a keyword tool, such as Wordtracker or Keyword Country. These tools will show you popular keywords in any niche market imaginable. Simply choose a popular niche, such as internet marketing, weight loss, or consumer electronics, and compile a list of frequently searched keywords related to your niche topic.

Then, go to the web hosting site of your choice, and begin looking for domain names containing these keywords. Use your creativity here, because you will be looking for domain names that other internet marketers have overlooked. For example, if you are targeting marketers in the weight loss niche, you could try searching for domain names such as,, and It might take you a while to find available domain names that will be attractive to buyers, but once you find them, you will have a valuable inventory that you can use to make many times your investment.

Once you have built an inventory of domain names, launch a blog listing the domain names you have available, and write posts about how each of these domain names could be used. In your post content, use plenty of relevant keywords to describe the niche markets where your domain names could be used, so buyers will be able to find you. Also, be sure to include an easy to locate contact form on your bog, so people interested in buying one or more of your domain names can email or call you to discuss purchase.

Pricing your available domain names is another important aspect of this business. A domain name in a moderately popular niche market might go for $300 to $500, while a domain in a very popular niche might sell for $5,000 or more. When in doubt, price your domain names on the high side - you can always allow a buyer to negotiate a lower price, so they feel like they are getting a special deal.

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