Share A Sale

Share A Sale is an online marketplace, like Commission Junction & Clickbank, that brings together businesses that can benefit one another.

Companies interested in selling their products (affiliate products) will provide a commission to people/businesses (Affiliate Marketers) interested in referring buying customers.

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Affiliate Marketers receive commissions by promoting and recommending affiliate products to their customers.

If you have a product that you wish to sell and you are not utilizing this online advertising medium, that I would recommend that you sign up now!

If you are more interested in building a website, or writing a blog, then you should certainly join one, or all of these Marketing Marketplaces. However, you have a couple of things to do first.

First, identify your niche. Many people will recommend that you first find a product, then go out and build a site... I have seen this before, and you will not generate the same sustainable success you place the cart before the horse, or in this case the product before the website.

When you find a topic that you are passionate about; a topic you are interested in; a topic that you could talk about, research, and work on endlessly, then you have found your niche.

Why not create a blog or a website about something you like. There are good times and bad times in every activity that we do. When we are working on a topic we love the bad times never seem that bad.

After you have you niche, then you want to identify the keywords associated with you niche topic. Organize the keywords into categories and sub-categories.

With the keywords that relate to your topic, you can build your website using these keywords as page headings. Write at least 30 pages of website content to help build some traffic to your website.

Now it is time to search for products that related to your topic and keywords. Sign up for Commission Junction, Clickbank, or Share A Sale.

Each of these sites will offer slightly different products and services. Try them all! Choose products that fit your niche, products that you believe in, and would be proud to provide someone face to face.

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