Starting Your Own Online Business

Why would anyone consider making money by starting your own online business? The simple answer, the state of the economy has made working for someone else a very risky proposition these days. Thousands of jobs are being eliminated each day, and many people are looking for a backup plan to shield themselves against layoffs and financial disaster.

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The good news: this situation has driven many people toward starting a business. There has never been a better time to make money by starting your own online business, and with a bit of discipline, training, and motivation, it is quite possible for you to make money by launching your own entrepreneurial career.

Before you begin, you will want to take a look at the types of businesses available, including sole proprietorship, limited liability companies, and corporations, to see which one is right for your venture. The type you choose will depend on the complexity of your business, the number of employees you will have, and how you want the business to be taxed. It is important to plan the structure of your business before you begin. If you find that you need to change it later, it is possible, but sometimes a little cumbersome.

Once you have chosen a couple of types of businesses that you might be interested in you should look at writing a business plan. Work on and develop a business plan will help you to think about the business venture you are interested in. You will learn about different aspects of this new business and the business plan can help you clarify things. A business plan will even help you to answer the question: "Is this the type of business that I want to pursue?" Check out free business plan templates free business plan templates to get some general information about writing a business plan.

You will also want to take the time to learn how to become an entrepreneur, especially if you have never owned your own business before. Operating a successful small business takes more than knowing how to provide products or services; it takes a high level of knowledge about all aspects of business, including sales, accounting, management, and customer service. When starting your own online business to make money, it is important to develop your knowledge before you begin your venture, so you don't end up struggling with the details after your business is already established.

A Great Resource: Starting Your Own Online Business

Judy offers ideas about starting a small business. Judy helps to make the process easier than you think. Check out Judy's tips and advice for starting your own business.

Are you anxious about starting your own online business, but you're not sure what you want to do? The first place and the best place to start is to brainstorm!

  • List all the skills that you have learned from all the jobs you have had in your life
  • What are some of the things that you like to do?
  • Do you collect stuff?
  • Are you a gardener, or love indoor or outdoor plants?
  • You might like cars or lingerie or halloween costumes or whatever...
  • What Hobby's do you have?
  • Are there activities that you love to do that people don't know about?
  • Rock Climber? Cyclist? Runner? Quilting? Movie Lover? Chef/Cook?
  • What Books do you like to read?
  • What do you do when you are on holiday?
  • Where do you like to go on holiday? Active Holidays or Relaxing Holidays?
  • Where do you volunteer?
  • Ask your friends & family what they think you are good at...

If, after looking at these questions above, you are still short of ideas, then the internet is also an excellent source for small business ideas, many of which you many never have even thought of. You'll find a wealth of ideas and resources to springboard your brainstorming activity.

OK, now you have a list. Organize and sort your list from the subjects you love the most to the ones you love the least!

If you are starting your own online business, then it is imperative that you choose a niche. The internet is a big place and if you choose a subject with too much competition you won't make any money! In fact, I belive that without a niche, your chances of success are very low!

The next step is to use the internet to research the topics that you love. Search all those subjects that you love. Check our your potential competition. How do these websites look? Are they selling stuff? Are they providing good information? What would you do to improve them? What other ideas are you getting from looking at your future competition?

Once you have completed a thorough review of all the subjects that you are passionate about, you will see a trend! There will be 2 or 3 topics that start to rise to the top. These are subjects that you are really interested in. These are subjects that you could see yourself learning more about. There is opportunity to complete with other online providers because you see things that could be done differently or better! You might also see potential products that you could create, sell, or have created for you.

Remember, to succeed, when starting your own online business, you must love what you do and you must provide value. In fact most of the time people won't purchase your product unless you overdeliver value!

While you're surfing the internet, you come across a wide variety of online business opportunities. There are many businesses you can start and operate entirely online:

  • Freelance Business
  • survey taking
  • multi-level marketing
  • selling through auction sites
  • affiliate marketing

One caution, Don't get a pre-packaged business. These appear to be the perfect turn key businesses that are provided by someone for the low, low price of $xxx. All you have to do is drive customers to the website. Everything else is created for you. They have a shopping cart and stuff that you can sell. You receive a commission for bringing customers to purchase there. Many of these are not a great idea. The website is identical to every other website. You are not UNIQUE. The supplier of these websites receive money from you and don't need you to sell anything for them to be successful.

Starting your own online business with one of these websites, you will see a couple of problems like:

  • the website is identical to a 1000+ other websites that they have sold
  • the website has a terrible name, that is hard for your customers to remember
  • there is tons of competition with people who have the exact same website as you
  • the product is price OK, but not great and there are other places that might be cheaper
  • you have to pay for traffic to come to your site, either through PPC or other means of advertising
  • your site will never get ranked highly in Google or any other search engin because it looks like a SPAM website

I have said it before, I will only recommend one website provider. The cost, for the value provided, is incrediby low. If you are starting your own online business, the visit the Only Complete eBusiness Builder!

The advantages of running an online business is that it will dramatically increases your customer base by giving you the opportunity to advertise to people all over the world. It is also one of the best choices for starting a home business, because many internet ventures allow you to make a living without ever having to leave your home.

When starting your own online business, there are some disadvantages. The best way to describe this is by looking at a regular business. Let's say we start a house cleaning business. We market to friends and neighbours and get some clients who want us to clean their home.

As long as we start and finish on time, answer the phone, do a good job, tell people the truth then we'll kick most of our competition in the butt! These activities will build TRUST. We will generate referrals, our customers will love us and we will make a relatively good living!

This is a little different with an online business! Our disadvantage is "how do we build the trust?" We don't answer the phone. We could answer emails. We don't really have to show up on time. It's difficult to provide good customer service when the visitor is just reading and clicking...

Really, the only way to do build up trust with our customers is to provide valuable content, in fact, over deliver on the content to our visitors/readers. If we have excellent, compelling content and provide excellent information to our website visitors, then they will build up a trust and confidence in us. Our visitors will click on more of our links, get more great content and eventually they will buy from us!

I found a great website that does this, Dave offers ideas about starting a small business. Dave talks about how and why start a business from home. Check out Dave's tips and advice for A guide on how to start a business from home.

If you aren't starting your own online business, and already have one established then it's really important to review the content and determine if it is delivering enough value. I did that myself. I have looked at some of my content and I'm not entirely happy with it. Some of the information was written a long time ago and I have learned a great deal since then. I have modified and updated some and will continue to update the content as I continue to learn and grow with my businesses.

I believe there is an evolution with every business owner. Starting your own online business, or starting any business takes commitment, and I find that I grow personally and professionally when I challenge myself. I might not be 100% happy with some of the details but I will continue to improve to ensure that my readers always get the best that I can offer!

Starting your own online business can be extremely rewarding especially if you choose a niche that you truly love. NOW is the perfect time for you to start your own business!

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