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A survival blog is a personal website where people relate different stories concerning accidents they survived or witnessed or stories about tragic personal experiences. I've done a bit of research into demand and competition and a survivor blog could be a genius idea. Do you have any idea how many people seek comfort online? Well, I’m going to tell you: millions!

If you have a personal experience, a story of survival, any first hand experience, then a survival blog could be a very profitable blog for you! It's not easy reliving an accident, a trauma or a former injury but it sure does help reading about positive stories of people who have made it.

When we write about a trauma, or personal experience that we have had, our passion, our emotion come through to our readers. When our passion is genuine, people respond and want to learn from us and our experiences. Our readers will also want to engage with us. They will want to express their experiences, comment on our website and they will recommend our website or blog to people they know and love. We build a community and our website will become a hub of like minded people learning from one another!

If you decide that writing a survival blog is something that you are interested in, then the next step is to decide how to set it up. Some might suggest that a wordpress website is best, others might suggest something else. Here is an article that compares and contrasts a wordpress blog vs a website business.

Proper optimization is compulsory
A survival blog can help you make money if you learn how to optimize it properly. From personal experience I'm telling you that keyword optimization can do wonders to your site. The quality and profitability of your survival blog will increase dramatically if we do 2 things:

  1. write high quality content for our people visitors
  2. have keyword focused content for our search engine visitors (search engine spiders)

First, by writing quality content, readers will come back and refer their friends to our website. Our readers will build a trust with us and will be confident to purchase products on our website that we recommend.

By creating a keyword focused website or blog, the search engine spiders will find our quality content. They will rank our website because more people are reading and referring friends to read our content. Our website will move up in the search engine until we are on the first page of each keyword search that we have focused on!

I have found one provider that can help us to Blog and Build a profitable website at the same time. This host provides tools that help us analize the keywords in our niche. Helps us build a plan for our Blog/Website so that we can be profitable faster. Find our more about how to Blog, to Build or Both! I have found that there a 9 elements that we can include to ensure that our blog/website is successful.

9 Elements of a well Optimized Survival Blog

1. Keywords
Each Blog entry or web page must be focused on one main keyword or key word phrases. For example, survival blog is the keyword for this webpage. Yes, it isn't 1 word, it is 2 words. A keyword can be 5 words or 2 words, it can be a phrase.

The keyword should be the name of our webpage, it should be included in the title as well as the first sentence that we write. This keyword should also be included throughout the content of the page, or entry, we are writing. Include the keyword at least 5 times within the page content.

It might sound odd to have this word included so many times in the content but this helps the search engine spiders to find our webpages and rank them in search results. However, we don't want to use keywords too often, because the text will sound confusing. There is definitely a balance, simply include the keywords naturally.

2. Use paragraphs
On a website, long paragraphs can sometimes be difficult to read. It's best to split long paragraphs into smaller ones. 3 to 4 sentences maximum. It's also important to write with shorter sentences rather than longer sentences.

This makes the text easier to read. It's also important to utilize bullets, headlines and bolded text in your articles. Many people simply skim the page and the bolded sections, bullet points, etc. make it easier to see what the pages is all about. These tips will help ensure the success of your survival blog.

3. Stay Focused
The article must elaborate and relate to the title. As I said before, each page or post should be based on the same keyword, this helps to keep visitors reading. If the visitor isn't interested in the subject, he is going to hit the back button. If a visitor is interested in the subject, but if the content jumps from topic to topic then the visitor will just stop reading and leave (i.e. hit the back button).

There are numerous bloggers who are not able to provide valuable content and just get off topic. Offer tips, "10 tips to survive a break up" or "3 tips to help a grieving loved one". With numbered tips, you can quickly write a page and engage readers with your survival blog.

4. Monetize the Blog
If we are writing about a subject we love and spending time doing it, we might as well earn some income for our efforts! Monetizing a Blog can seem tough but there are a couple of things to start the process. First, check out what other blogs of the same subject are selling. You might be able to set up an affiliate program with the same companies.

Google Adsense and Amazon also offer great affiliate programs that help us earn additional income from our blog or website. A top quality blog will attract many visitors. Advertisers benefit because these visitors are highly targetted and if we recommend quality products that benefit our readers every one wins!

In fact, we are not providing our readers with the best value if we are not offering and referring top quality products and services!

For more information about Affiliate Marketing, I think that the Affiliate Master Marketing Course is excellent. Check it out...

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5. Use tags
After writing the article, you can add tags. This is most often done on a Wordpress platform. Tags are used on the wordpress platform to help the search engines locate your articles and make your survival blog more visible. The tags will include the main keyword for the post as well as other keywords in the content of the post.

Other website providers have other methods to help ensure the content is focused. Read about the difference between a Wordpress Website & a Web Business.

6. Include Descriptions & Title Meta Tags
If you're using Wordpress, you can have the title meta tag added automatically. However it's important to update the meta tag keywords and the meta description yourself. Description meta tags represent the content that can be seen under your title when the search engines show our website in a the search results.

You must use an attractive description so that the visitors are interested and want to click on our link. Large search engines don't use keyword meta tags anymore. However, minor search engines still index them. Make use of the headspace plugin. This way, the keyword, description and title meta tags will be a lot easier to add. Also, you’ll be able to add customizable meta tags for every article.

7. Include Calls to Action
One of the goals of our website or blog should be to get the click. We want visitors to engage with us and our content. When our visitors click on our links, this shows that they are interested. If they provide feedback or comments, then they are interested and engaged. To help visitors take action during and after reading our articles we need to inserting calls to action in our content.

Great calls to action are links within our content that:

  • refer to more information within other articles and pages
  • refer to high value products and services that are available to our readers
  • ask for comments & feedback
  • ask our visitors to join our RSS feed
  • ask our visitors to sign up for our eZine or NewsLetter

Without calls to action, it's difficult for our visitors to engage with us. Include calls to action that are natural within the content. Too many will lose our visitor, not enough will also lose our visitor! There's a balance.

8. Encourage YouTube Video comments.
More people are turning to YouTube to post information and comments. We receive 3 benefits when we encouraging our visitors to upload a YouTube video to our website, to tell their story or to add comments:

  1. Visitors love to watch video! With video, more visitors will spend more time on your survival blog. With increased time spent on your blog, the search engines will rank your blog higher.
  2. YouTube is the highest searched website, more than most search engines like Bing or Yahoo! If YouTube Video's are linked to your website, then you get more traffic & more backlinks, therefore a better ranking!
  3. When people make video's they share them with friends. This means more visitors!

9. Read the content twice before posting it
You don't want your survival blog to be unprofessional because of grammar and spelling mistakes. This will draw away your visitors. Use a spell checker to check your content before publishing. Ask a friend to edit it or read it aloud. Most web providers will have some sort of method to save a draft to review and edit later. Sometimes it is best to write the content, then review it the next day and post it then.

From my research, a survival blog or website has very good potential to make money. There is very good demand for a blog like this on a monthly basis and there isn't a huge amount of competition!

What do you think?

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