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When many people begin looking for ways to make money with a website, they typically focus on selling products and services. These products or services can be their own or third party through a variety of affiliate programs. Of course, many markets build successful and lucrative businesses using this model, but it is not the only way to make money online. It is possible to use a content rich site to help you sell information - a commodity that requires no development or manufacturing costs!

There are a few ways to go about selling information through a website. The first, and typically the easiest, way is to offer a substantial amount of quality, free content on your site, and then sell higher level information in the form of an ebook, audio series, or video course. The idea behind this is that by providing free information that is both useful and engaging, you will establish yourself as an authority in your niche market. Visitors will learn to trust you, because you have already provided them with information to improve some aspect of their lives.

Since you have built a sense of trust with your readers, they will be more likely to purchase additional information from you. As long as your paid information provides useful content, they will keep coming back time and time again to buy additional information products from you. After all, once a reader perceives you as an authority figure, there is little reason for him or her to go anywhere else.

The second strategy is to create a membership site, where visitors can purchase a subscription to gain access to the information you provide. This can be a little more difficult, since people are often hesitant to pay for information without first being assured that it is valuable. You can get around this by writing articles and submitting them to article directories, participating in discussion forums, and engaging in social media to show potential subscribers that your paid content will benefit them.

A third way is to create a hybrid site. In this strategy, you will offer a certain amount of free information on your content website, and then offer access to password protected portions of the site in exchange for a subscription fee. Marketers are beginning to embrace this model, because it allows them to build credibility and authority, while still earning money every month from premium content. Unless you have advanced programming and technical skills, though, you will probably need to hire a programmer to help you set up a hybrid site - even experienced marketers find this task quite difficult.

Selling information with a site that is rich in content is an ideal choice if you are an expert on a certain topic. You already possess what your visitors want, so all you have to do is put the information in a format that they can use. In many cases, launching a content website is also a much quicker process than launching a standard product site. With a bit of discipline and hard work, it is possible to have a lucrative content site up and running in a matter of weeks.

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